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A native of Adana-Turkey, Gunes Yilmaz-Bloedorn studied both public relations and design at university. Her lifelong dream, however, was not in the realm of press releases and image maintenance. Gunes’ true passion has always been for painting, desiring the chance to develop her own skills. While she has always been influenced by the works of classic artists - most notably Vincent van Gogh - she has also drawn from other media. She is an ardent admirer of Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki. To gain the necessary skills, she took art lessons from teachers in Turkey and the USA. It was also in her home country she found inspiration for her first series of paintings as a serious artist.

She spent her honeymoon in Kapadokya (Cappadocia), a historic and beautiful region in central Anatolia. The volcanic landscape spawned an incredible variety of geological features, the most famous of which are the Fairy Chimneys. These pillars of soft rock seemed to have a personality, and came alive in Gunes imagination. She sought to paint them not in the way they actually are, but in a far more animated way. The rocks twist into playful forms that reflect human emotion. They come alive, into the Within the Rock’s Soul series. Gunes continues to seek further inspiration from her culture and her interests, while embracing new challenges. And she will always strive to share her own unique view of the world.

My Inspiration

There’s a magic in the landscape of Cappadocia. It’s a testament to the living earth, with massive volcanic formations, carved by the elements into the unique fairy chimneys that populate the valleys. They were further shaped by man, who carved homes into these towers, keeping the original shape while adding a unique layer to their beauty. The rocks inspired my paintings, but I didn’t want to paint only what was there. These rocks came alive in my mind; they had personalities. And so I drew them not as the weathered formations that exist, but as living organisms that twist and merge, that form into impossible shapes. This to me is the spirit of the region, an area that is rich in both natural and cultural beauty.

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