Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Am I lucky?

    I have been thinking about ‘luck’ and I’m asking to myself what is luck and who is lucky? Are there really lucky people in the world? Can I consider myself ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’? Which one is better for me? 

     You might be hardworking, you want to be successful and then you achieve something which might be small or big but very important to you. Then people call you ‘lucky’ because of your achievement. I’m sorry! Am I lucky? Do you know that I have been working hard! Do you know my back is hurting, because of working for a long time??? 

     You get angry but at the same time you don’t care because you are happy for your success.  But at the same time you might start thinking, “Am I lucky? Is that why it has happened to me?”  You get confused. Then you start searching what luck means because you really want to know if you are lucky or not.  Soon you find out: it’s something  good that happens to you by chance or through the hand of providence. It is not because of your skill but it is almost as if your actions were guided from above. 

      For example, in the middle of the night you can’t sleep. You go out for a walk then earthquake happens. Your apartment collapses but you are alive. It means you are lucky because it was completely random. It was out of your control. 

      But working everyday for 10 hours a day to make sure you get the job done and getting a promotion because of that doesn’t make you lucky. 

      It angers me when people confused the two.  To call someone’s hard work “luck” diminishes that person’s achievement.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Day at Antakya Archaeological Museum

"Mosaic of Soteria"

Hello friends, I would like to share a few pictures of Antakya Archaeological Museum which is in Hatay province of Turkey. It's one of the biggest mosaic museums.

I traveled to Hatay in 2008 and I took this pictures. It was pretty fun and I was really impressed by mosaics. They are very big and amazing.

"The Roman Emperor Lucius Verus"

Statues and mosaics are from the second to fifth centuries AD.

If you go to Turkey, you should definitely visit the museum. I'm sure that you will be amazed the area not only the museum. There are lots of things to do in the area.

I drew this shot. I like the composition.

"Head of Satyr" found in Antioch.

A shot from the garden



"Atatürk", 1934 
I'm jealous of him because he painted a portrait of Atatürk. And the painting is pretty awesome!


Ibrahim Calli is one of my favorites. I added a few paintings that I really like. I like the colors, style and deepness in the paintings. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kırıldı Kırılacak Karanlık Rüyamda Cennet / The Heaven Starts to Shatter in Dreams of Darkness

"Kırıldı Kırılacak Karanlık Rüyamda Cennet  /  
The Heaven Starts to Shatter in Dreams of Darkness "

20"x16" Acrylic Painting
My Growing World Series
Original painting for sale 

Everything starts with dreaming something. I don't have a single dream. I have millions of dreams, everyday, every night, every second. It doesn't matter where or when. I just have them. Sometimes they are becoming true, sometimes they are waiting to become true. Why am I telling my dreams to you? Because this is how I gave the name to this painting. I had a dream in a dream last night. Someone told me to sleep in my dream. I know it sounds really weird. Then she said there are things she wants to tell me! And I slept again in my dream. She hold my head and said "Heaven is inside of you" of course she said it in Turkish which means "Cennet senin içinde" I don't know why but I was really scared to hear what else she was going to tell me and I didn't want to hear and I forced myself to wake up. I was up from the second dream in my dream but I was still in the first dream with Adam who was next to me. I showed the ground to him and I said "We have to feed them" and I was holding some cheese. Then finally I woke from the dream inside dream. I was feeling really weird after I woke up.

This was one of my dreams. I have been thinking of a name for this painting and finally found a name.  Even though I don't like sharing my dreams I wanted to share this because it seems like it gives me a message and I thought It might give you a message as well.  I guess we are not really 100% satisfied with our lives and we complain about lots of things which are not really important. And we make our lives really miserable sometimes. We should stop doing this to ourselves. I thought about it after the dream and now I believe that heaven is inside of me!

And now it feels like that this painting is a garden of heaven with moving blue sky and with green, yellow, and red grasses which surround a big rock!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Big Island, Turkey

Hi guys, as you know I like any kind of art. Photography is one them. I have decided to share pictures on my blog. That's why I would like to start with Big Island, Turkey. This place is one of my favorite place which makes me happy and relaxed. Cars aren't permitted so you can only walk, cycle or  rent a carriage. My friend and I cycled which was really fun. In this island houses are beautiful and everywhere is very green. and the sea is gorgeous.

 I took these pictures in October, 2008.