Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Guys, I have a website :) It's
Feel free to visit!

Kayalarin Ruhunda Varolus/ Within the Rocks' Soul

Huy guys, I'm really excited recently because I'm going to have my first art show in my hometown Adana, Turkey. 

It's gonna be in Adana City Theatre's Exhibition Area. 

So I will be there mostly. I'd like you to come and see my paintings. 

I'm not the only one who says the paintings are crayz :):)

Merhaba arkadaslar, o kadar heyecanliyim ki anlatamam. Dogdugum, buyudugum sehirde ilk sergim gerceklesecek.

Sergim, Adana Buyuksehir Belediyesi Sehir Tiyatrosu Fuaya Alani'nda 6-10 Haziran 2012 tarihleri arasinda gerceklesecek.

Hani resimlerim diye soylemiyorum, bir gelseniz gorseniz ne guzel olur :):)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beautiful Sky in Atlantic City

Guys, The sky was beautiful from the hotel room so I took these pictures and photoshopped some of them.  It was from Havana Tower of Hotel Tropicana in Atlantic City!

Atlantic City beyond the toll booths!!!

 Hey guys, Atlantic City is beautiful! As you see I photoshopped  some pictures.

It was a very relaxing vacation which I really enjoyed.

But If you want to go to Atlantic City, remember to have coins for toll booths! There are a lot!

Before the Cranberries' concert

Hey guys, we took this picture before the concert, I'm pretty sure that you don't want to see a picture after the concert. We were really pissed off! It was not just because of the concert was cancelled.

Let me start from the beginning. So we got the tickets a few months before the concert date.  By the way we live in Baltimore that's why we had to drive to Philly and book a hotel.

We went to the hotel first and had dinner then drove to the concert area. People were walking back from the area. We didn't realize first what was going on. A guy in a group said the concert was done. We didn't understand what he meant but after a few minutes. we learned that Dolores was sick and they had to cancel it. I said "again" he said "yes again"  I said again because they had to cancel another concert in Sidney before because she was sick.

Anyway, I hope she is feeling better now but I don't think we can make the concert AGAIN!

And we walked away from the place and try to find a bar just to get relaxed, we couldn't find any bar in Philly! Do I exaggerate? No, not at all!!! We walked maybe 10 blocks and didn't find anything.

P.S. We have an awesome picture from the day just before the concert.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Woman with a Parasol

Guys, This painting is incredible.  I can say that I looked at it five minutes. It's Claude Monet. Its name is "Woman with a Parasol" 

I didn't know what parasol means. I checked it out. It means a small light umbrella used as protection from the sun. The woman on the picture is Madame Monet and her son. 

I really love this painting. I was able to see it last weekend again. I took a closer look and it even looked more beautiful. Brush strokes are amazing. Colors are so soft that I want to be there.

It's oil on canvas, 100x81cm, 1875
The painting is in the National Gallery of Art, DC. You should go take a look.

Gunes Yilmaz