Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Before the Cranberries' concert

Hey guys, we took this picture before the concert, I'm pretty sure that you don't want to see a picture after the concert. We were really pissed off! It was not just because of the concert was cancelled.

Let me start from the beginning. So we got the tickets a few months before the concert date.  By the way we live in Baltimore that's why we had to drive to Philly and book a hotel.

We went to the hotel first and had dinner then drove to the concert area. People were walking back from the area. We didn't realize first what was going on. A guy in a group said the concert was done. We didn't understand what he meant but after a few minutes. we learned that Dolores was sick and they had to cancel it. I said "again" he said "yes again"  I said again because they had to cancel another concert in Sidney before because she was sick.

Anyway, I hope she is feeling better now but I don't think we can make the concert AGAIN!

And we walked away from the place and try to find a bar just to get relaxed, we couldn't find any bar in Philly! Do I exaggerate? No, not at all!!! We walked maybe 10 blocks and didn't find anything.

P.S. We have an awesome picture from the day just before the concert.

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