Sunday, April 7, 2013

Why do people dress up to go to art galleries?

When people go to art galleries, I don’t understand why they dress up and wear high heel shoes!

İsn’t art supposed to make you free?

I understand there is an idea of elegance, of high class, of sophistication with art.  It is as though people are trying to dress up to match the artwork around!

But why do people want to try matching up with artwork?
Because It’s psychological; it gets people in the mind set to appreciate the works. You are getting ready to see the beauty!
It’s a social expection!

The beauty of expression, painting - even if the art is not showing something attractive - is still beautiful. The paint strokes, forms, figures, colors...

That’s why people try to match somehow by dressing their best.
Do I like it?
I don’t like the idea dressing up and  I don’t like being labeled.
“Hey, there is an art exhibition, I need to dress up!”

I’m against all restrictions - it doesn’t matter what they are about!

So, is it same for all kind of art? Movie is art, too! Why don’t we dress up when we go to see a movie? Let me answer! It’s easy! Theatres, art galleries are high class! But the movie theatre is low class! What a bad explanation! Do I like it? No, but it’s true!

High culture versus low culture!


Low culture versus high culture!

Welcome to Capitalism!

There is an expectation for high culture to dress up for events!

Does high culture mean rich people?

Not necessarily!

Maybe it’s more sophisticated.

How about festivals? It’s still art but why people don’t dress up?

It’s not practical to dress up for that kind of thing because they tend to be in the summer.
They are eating food, it’s very hot! I think it’s mixed with high and low culture  at the same time.
Music, street art, food and paintings... sculptures....

Fancy clothes, high heels, suits...
Let’s go to an art gallery!

When you don’t dress up, people who dress up look at you! It’s like you don’t belong there!

What a shame! Go dress up and come back! Become one of us! 

Because you are low class you don’t understand art!  Just because of your clothes!

I’m sorry but you are stupid! Clothes don’t show that you appreciate art or not!

If you are one of them, you FAILED!

Gunes Yilmaz
6 Nisan 2013

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