Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What a beautiful day!

What an awesome day!
Even though It's dark, cloudy,windy and rainy
Who can say today is a great day except me?
Even though Adana is chaos.
It's impossible to take a walk in the streets.
Even though it's hard to wear short dresses in Adana.
Who cares?
I will put my short dress on, and go to my first show.

What a beautiful day!
It's not because, I have an art show today.
It's because, I'm hopeful! I'm excited! I'm happy!
It's because, I hear awesome things from the people who are around the world!
Not only Turkey, Not only America
It's because,
I'm getting emails from people who want to represent me!

What a great day!
It's not because, I'm a painter!
It's because, I'm painting from my dreams.
It's because, I have crazy dreams!

What a perfect day!
It's not because, I sold a painting.
It's because, I feel successful!

Yes, I have weird paintings!
But, who is not weird?

P.S. Just 6 hours before the show!

Gunes Yilmaz

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