Friday, July 20, 2012

A weird question ever!

"The guy asked; Why didn't you put humans in your paintings, if there is not a human in paintings, they are not valued, worthy!

It seemed like she was shocked!"

This is what was going on in the picture!

 Hmm, Well!  I guess Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings are totally worthless, since she only painted flowers and Monet is just garbage with his landscapes!

And don't get me started about other painters!

I think the only thing tougher than dealing with uneducated people is dealing with people who think that they are educated but they aren't!

 P.S. That guy came to my art show in Adana, Turkey! He took a look at the paintings quickly and started criticizing the paintings immediately.  I could tell that he was moody and cocky when he got in to the show room!

Another P.S. The funny thing is I don't even know him! Let me know if anyone knows him :):) It would be fun to have a conversation with him again!

Gunes Yilmaz


  1. There are plenty of famous and valuable paintings that have no human figures in them.
    I like how your paintings make stone and rock come alive with human like emotions.
    That gentleman must just enjoy being argumentative.

    1. Thanks Matt :)I think you are right about the guy just enjoy arguing!