Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Go, create something! Immediately!

Is it really easy to be creative?  Go go! Create something or copy?

OK, What is creativity? 

For me, creativity is capturing a moment! You realize that something is special! Something which others didn't realize and you put it down! Something makes you feel better, excited, unique, amazing...

OK, Who is creative?  

I think that we are all creative in some ways! Not necessarily artistic...

If you ask me what is my creativity, I'll say that it is in art.

Can I learn to be creative?

I think creativity can't be forced! it's about the moment! It's coming from inside. Normally when I talk to people about my creative ideas or dreams, after a while I lose them! I don't feel they are special anymore! But after I create what I think or see in my dreams, I feel better and then I show it to people! and people find it creative and different! Mostly!

Sometimes, I feel that creativity can be learned, sometimes I say NO NO! It can only be developed!
It can be encouraged! but It can't be taught! You can be definitely inspired by other people's works!
but copying is not creativity! Not at all! there are a lot of people who only copy! Don't ever copy!

Who is the most creative painter?

Of course, Van Gogh! His style is unique! He always listened to his heart!

Gunes Yilmaz

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