Sunday, March 3, 2013

How many times I say that I’m from Turkey?

How many times every day I have to tell people I am Turkish!

It has been really long time I have been living here. Whenever I meet people, I say that I’m from Turkey - I’m Turkish! It’s not because of I’m nationalist. It’s because I’m asked where I’m from everyday! It's because I have to say where I'm from!

I have been thinking of it! It's hard to say how many times I say that but I can tell it is a lot! When I work at Walters Art Museum! When I meet people who are friends of friends!

The funny thing is before I say where I'm from, people always think I’m from Mexico or Spain!  They say I look like Spanish of Hispanic! I don’t remember how many times people started speaking Spanish with me! It’s  really cool. I have learned many Spanish words! Hola... Cómo estás?...Buenos días....Muy bien... Let me tell you something I don’t complain about it at all. Because the best friends I have had are Mexicans and Spanish people.  There are Russians as well. All Russians I have met are great people! I don't even have to tell about Turks, do I?

Last week for the first time someone asked me if I was from Iran at the Walters Art Museum while I worked! That was the closest guess ever since I have come to the USA!

Anyway, being a Turkish in the USA is fun! People love Turkey for some reasons hehehe :) :)
Aw man! Turkish food is delicious! I'm missing it a lot! Gladly there is a Turkish restaurant two blocks away from us. It's Cazbar! It's in Mount Vernon in Baltimore. It's the best! If you haven't tried Turkish food before, just go there! Enjoy the food!

Gunes Yilmaz

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