Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thoughts from my morning at a Greek restaurant

Adam and I were at a Greek Diner in Maryland and it was very crowded so that we had to wait in the line around 15 minutes.  There was an American couple just behind us and they were talking about the conflict that Turkey and Greece have and he said Turks and Greeks are enemies!!! are we really? I laughed but I didn't want to respond to him. Nobody is my enemy in the world and personally, I love Greek people who are as nice as Turks.

So I believe young generations have power to change anything but sometimes it doesn't work, right ?  Because I know some Turks who don't like Greeks. I never understand why? because they have stupid reasons and stereotypes such as; We, Turks, lost some islands which are very close to Turkish border. Or maybe We are Muslims, they are not! Maybe we kicked them out of the country and they kicked us out of their country.

What does matter if Baklava is Turkish or Greek! Spelling is even the same; Baklava! It tastes same. I can eat either of them!

Last year I went to Greek festival that I felt like I was in Turkish Festival. So what is the problem? Because, we have similar culture. Bullshit!

We had the leader, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who was born in Selanik and whose family had to move out of the country.  Ataturk missed his birthplace!  Why shouldn't I see his birthplace in Greece?

What happened happened, we can't change the past but we can work on the future. What Ataturk said was true; "Peace at home, peace in the world."

P.S.  Food was very good at the restaurant!

Gunes Yilmaz

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